Thursday, April 5, 2012

An update

Hey dear readers!

I was downtown today and got my haircut, feels great!

I had some funny experiences today. First one was when I passed some kids in my wheelchair. They tried to bully me like kids usually do, calling me a loser and stuff because I'm in a wheelchair. Unfortunately for them, a friend I met there is a teacher at the school they go to. He said he would inform their parents about their behaviour. I'm not affected by those who look down on people in a wheelchair, so their insult had no effect except they'll have their parents yelling at them in a couple of days. :-D

Something I remember from Family Guy (spoiler alert) is when Joe purposely falls out of his wheelchair and struggles to get back in it, the prisonguards are looking away because they think it's awkward. I decided I would try out something like this today when I were looking at new shoes.

So, I went in to a mall and cruised into a shoe shop. I casually looked at some converse and decided I would try them on. Then I fell out of my wheelchair, I moaned and called for help, some looked awkwardly away and some paniced and ran to help me. This gained me a laugh and some nice service by the shop staff.

I ended up buying two pairs of converse!

One question I got earlier was what kind of handicap I have.

I were in an accident and my legs aren't movable yet, I've been through some surgeries and there are more to come. My doctor is optimistic about me being able to walk again, I have a lot of rehabilitation work ahead to do though. So, I'm not really paralyzed, but I can't use my legs. And with hard work I might be able to walk normally which obviously a long term goal of mine.

If you have any more questions, feel free to ask!


  1. Good luck to you! Put in the hard work and I'm sure you'll be walking in no time

  2. I think it's important to tell those kids that there behavior is inapropriate, even if it doesn't hurt you personally. The next person in a wheelchair might be hurt by their mockings and might not have the courage to tell them.

  3. Good luck with walking! I don't know what I'd do if I couldn't. It's just such a large part of my life. I suppose I'd try to learn wheelchair sports? Regardless, if you put in the effort, you will succeed.

    1. I were really depressed in the beginning but I got used to it, after all I might have a chance to walk again if I work hard for it. :-)

  4. Glad to see you're having a laugh, instead of just letting it get to you!

  5. very touching, I hope you enjoy these shoes!

  6. good luck with those surgeries.

  7. converse are awesome :)...hope recovery is fast bro