Thursday, July 5, 2012

spain won!

Yay! Spain won EURO 2012.

Were they the right winners in your opinion?

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Holland out of euro?

Hi, Holland was one of the favourites to win the whole EURO 2012 campain, but with 1 game left they're still at 0 points.

In order for them to go through they have to beat Portugal and score 2 more goals than they concede, while Germany beats Denmark. Is that possible? Will Denmark clutch again and beat the Germany who looks really strong? Just some thoughts.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

New MacBook 15"

Just ordered a new MacBook 15" with Retina display. Will take a couple of weeks for it to get here, I am excited! :-D

Like EDM?

If you like Electronic Dance Music, then you should definitely check these two sites out.

BeatMyDay blogs about all kinds of stuff, new songs, previews, mixtapes and a lot more! 

Upcoming-soon is pretty much same, but they give attention to producers that aren't so well known too.

EURO2012 so far...

...has featured some bad and some really good matches. The team I like the most, Spain, didn't play that good against Italy and only managed to get 1 point in the 1-1 game.

The teams that have impressed on me the most are Denmark for beating Portugal and Russia for being so good offensively when they beat Czech Republic with 4-1 and could have scored a lot more goals.

Two of the biggest disappointments so far are Netherlands and Portugal, they have to play better to go through.

Poland - Russia in an hour, I think Russia are too strong for Poland but I hope Poland can win.

Friday, June 8, 2012

About my future

You know the name of the blog, this might have to change in the future. Right know you could call me handicaped, however I'm working hard on rehabilitation and I will be able to walk and use my legs again just like before the accident.

That means this blog won't be about some handicaped guy. It will just be about a guy. So, I'm thinking about renaming the blog as I would like to continue blogging. I admit though, I haven't been as active as I would have liked to be. But I think it's more fun to blog now and I probably will enjoy it more and more.

It's kind of stress relieving as I can write about whatever I want and just read it through and reflect about it. There's some major subjects to write about after the orthopedes statement. What to do in the future?

What I know for sure is that I got to study hard to get a interesting job with a good salary. The problem is what I want to work with.

I will think about this for a while and do a follow-up.

Live set

EURO2012 has started!

Finally the EURO 2012 tournament has begun! The first game was Poland - Greece which was played in the polish capital Warsaw. In the first half it looked like it was going to be a piece of cake for Poland. They had many good chances and finally scored in the 17th minute, and on top of that, a greek defender got his second yellow card and was sent off in the 44th minute. it looked very good for Poland. It all changed in the second half though, Greece scored and the goalkeeper of Poland was sent off. 1-1 was a good result for both teams after a game like that.

The second game of the day and tournament was Russia - Czech republic, I didn't watch the whole game but when I did it looked really easy
for Russia. The scoreline suggests the same. Russia won with comfortably 4-1.

Are you following the tournament? Which teams do you like? And which team do you think will win?

Where I want to study pt. 1

Previously I have talked about studying at university, I still want to do it but I'm still not sure what and where. There's so many alternatives. So I thought I'd list some of the universities that I've considered.

This entry I will list universities abroad. Here we go:

University of Barcelona/Universitat de Barcelona
A good looking university in Spain with over 85,000 students in the town where my favourite team of football plays. Offers a vide range of bachelor's degrees in many subjects. I have been in Barcelona and I know it's a nice town with many things to do if would have spare time. Heard there's a good club life there as well.

University of Stockholm/Stockholm Universitet
Sweden has always caught my interest. Sweden is a well developed country and Stockholm is a very nice city with a good club life. If I seriously consider this alternative, I'm going to Stockholm to check it out first. 

Goethe University Frankfurt/Goethe-Universit├Ąt Frankfurt am Main
A big university in the nice town of Frankfurt in Germany. Has over 40,000 students. Offers some nice economics degrees.

Of course there's more that I'm considering. I will probably change my mind a thousand times before I decide.  In the next 

Monday, June 4, 2012

Looking for a new car

With all the good news recently, I am looking for a new car for the future. Because the one I own now is customized for people who can't use the throttle and brake with their legs I am better of with a car without this kind of customization when I'm able to use my legs again.

I really like Toyota so I'm looking at their models first and foremost, if I don't see something that attracts my money I will look at other brands. I have some money to spend on a car too, so that's really nice.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Just a song

Just a really good song, that I will play a lot during the summer!



In my previous blog entry I explained shortly why I've been inactive for a while. However, what matters is that I am back, right?

So, I've got some super great news, which is obviously a part of why I've been inactive for a while.

I will be able to walk again, very soon.

It will require hard work, but if I continue working like I have been lately, I will be able to walk and have almost full functionality in my legs again. My doctor said there's approximately a 75% chance that I will be able to walk again in the next 6 months.

So, this has made me think about my future. What do I want to do in the future?

I want to study, travel, meet new people and be grateful for my life.

I want to get a college degree, I am very interested in studying to be a doctor, after all a doctor has helped me finding a lot of joy in my life. And I would love to have that ability.

Studying will have to wait until I decide on what college and what education I want.

Right now, I am excited for the european cup in soccer that's coming really soon. I cheer for Spain and really think they have a good chance to win the whole thing.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

I am back.

Hi, I've been away from this blog for a long time now, as you might have noticed.

This was due to lack of motivation to blog. I've missed blogging though so I am going to pick up that again.

Summer's approaching which means there'll be tons of stuff to do outside in the nice weather, I look forward to it. I really enjoy just chilling in the sun, it's a nice feeling.

I've been working on rehabilitation which I was supposed to talk about before I took this break, there's so much to talk about so I won't be doing that in my first entry after a long break. I've met some new friends, been travelling a bit and just enjoyed life.

Now that I've regained my desire to blog I will try to talk more about what the doctor's been doing and how I've been working with an orthopede.

So, tell me, what have you been doing the past months

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Which soccer team...

Do I follow and love?

Some people have been asking me this since I've told you before about how I love football/soccer.

Well, here's the answer;

Friday, May 4, 2012

Meh, the weather sucks.. I guess I'll watch some two and a half men as I'm done with Sons of Anarchy (you've got to watch this! :-D)

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

What I've been doing

I had some problems with my internet, it's all been fixed now though.

So here's what I've been doing since last time I blogged;

  • Talked to an orthopede, which I will talk more about later on
  • Watched the 4 seasons of Sons of Anarchy
  • Talked to my boss about working from home in the future
  • Checked out the rehabilitation centre
I thought I'd just update you shortly, I will blog more about this in the future but I don't have the time for that right now. 


Saturday, April 14, 2012

Internet problems

Hi dear readers, this is just a short message to tell you that I am currently have problems with my internet.

This means I can't be active in my blog right now, which is bad as I just started with the blog. But please, be patient. I will compensate for this in the future with tons of good read.

Thank you!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Evaluation by orthopede


This is just a quick update about the rehabilitation centre I wrote about earlier as I've heard some more.

I will be evaluated by an orthopede and some other fancy doctors before they decide where and when I should go. I will blog about this as soon as I know anything more.

I've been sent some questions in private about my accident, some people wants to know what happend and how it changed my life. So I will take some time and make a new site about this in the blog so anyone who's curious about this can find out.

Also - I'm not offended by these questions so please just keep asking, I knew these would come and I would ask too if I followed a blog (certainly with a name like mine, hehe).

You can send the questions here in public or on twitter, I will also be setting up an Facebook page for those who don't use Twitter. When that's done it'll be announced on the blog.

I feel like I should say something funny now, but I'm sorry I have nothing right now. Just wanted update about this rehabilitation thingy for those who are interested.

Nice to see that I've got so many followers all of a sudden, glad to see that people enjoy reading. I do my best to entertain you, if there's anything I can change please do tell as I try to improve all the time.

Thanks for reading!

Trying to find a suitable design

As you may or may not have noticed, I have now a new design for the blog. Do you like it? Why? Why not?

I need you, my readers who actually see this design the most to give me suggestions and feedback so I can give you the nicest experience possible possible when you come here to read what I want to share with you guys.

Also, you can find me on Twitter now by clicking here.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Rehabilitation centre

My doctor just called me and said I would be sent to a rehabilitation centre in the near future, there I will work hard with my rehab to be able to walk sooner.

This sounds really good to me so I had to write about it. I don't have any more information about this right now but I will update when I do.

I go to rehab two times a week usually, but apparently I'm supposed to try some harder work now. Maybe I'm ready for that?

Have you heard any exciting news?

Thursday, April 5, 2012


Going to bed right now, had a nice day.

Keep asking me questions please :-)

Good night.

The car I drive


How do I get around? With a car!


I own a customized car which enables me to use the throttle and break with my hands. I have a customized Toyota Prius.

It looks kind of like this;

When I drive I need to bring a friend though, so he can help me get back in my wheelchair. 


Thanks for all the nice comments!

I really appreciate it and it gives me motivation to keep going.

And as always, feel free to ask anything :-)

An update

Hey dear readers!

I was downtown today and got my haircut, feels great!

I had some funny experiences today. First one was when I passed some kids in my wheelchair. They tried to bully me like kids usually do, calling me a loser and stuff because I'm in a wheelchair. Unfortunately for them, a friend I met there is a teacher at the school they go to. He said he would inform their parents about their behaviour. I'm not affected by those who look down on people in a wheelchair, so their insult had no effect except they'll have their parents yelling at them in a couple of days. :-D

Something I remember from Family Guy (spoiler alert) is when Joe purposely falls out of his wheelchair and struggles to get back in it, the prisonguards are looking away because they think it's awkward. I decided I would try out something like this today when I were looking at new shoes.

So, I went in to a mall and cruised into a shoe shop. I casually looked at some converse and decided I would try them on. Then I fell out of my wheelchair, I moaned and called for help, some looked awkwardly away and some paniced and ran to help me. This gained me a laugh and some nice service by the shop staff.

I ended up buying two pairs of converse!

One question I got earlier was what kind of handicap I have.

I were in an accident and my legs aren't movable yet, I've been through some surgeries and there are more to come. My doctor is optimistic about me being able to walk again, I have a lot of rehabilitation work ahead to do though. So, I'm not really paralyzed, but I can't use my legs. And with hard work I might be able to walk normally which obviously a long term goal of mine.

If you have any more questions, feel free to ask!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Going to bed

I'm gonna go to bed now, gotta get up early tomorrow. Getting a haircut and have some errands in the city.

I would like to thank everyone who follows me, and welcome them and every potential follower!

Tomorrow I will do my best to get a new design for the blog, and also share some stories with you. So the serious blogging will start tomorrow. You could ask questions now if you want, and I will answer them in the next post.

Good night!

About me

This is pasted from the page "About me".

Hello dear reader!

My name is James and I am handicaped, I was in an accident 2 years ago and I am now in a wheelchair.

Even though I can't walk properly right now I am positive about my life, I have nice friends and a nice life in general. My interests are music, soccer, friends and partying (even though that's not the easiest thing in a wheelchair)

In this blog I will share my day with you, I hope to find some nice followers to talk to. After all, talking to people on the internet is easier then talking to my real life friends.

If you have any questions, feel free to talk to me. Thanks!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me right now. Thanks!

Welcome to my blog

Hi guys and girls, welcome to my new blog!

In this blog, you will follow my life as an handicapped. You will be able to read my personal thoughts, struggles and just general entertaining stuff.