Friday, June 8, 2012

Where I want to study pt. 1

Previously I have talked about studying at university, I still want to do it but I'm still not sure what and where. There's so many alternatives. So I thought I'd list some of the universities that I've considered.

This entry I will list universities abroad. Here we go:

University of Barcelona/Universitat de Barcelona
A good looking university in Spain with over 85,000 students in the town where my favourite team of football plays. Offers a vide range of bachelor's degrees in many subjects. I have been in Barcelona and I know it's a nice town with many things to do if would have spare time. Heard there's a good club life there as well.

University of Stockholm/Stockholm Universitet
Sweden has always caught my interest. Sweden is a well developed country and Stockholm is a very nice city with a good club life. If I seriously consider this alternative, I'm going to Stockholm to check it out first. 

Goethe University Frankfurt/Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main
A big university in the nice town of Frankfurt in Germany. Has over 40,000 students. Offers some nice economics degrees.

Of course there's more that I'm considering. I will probably change my mind a thousand times before I decide.  In the next 

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