Friday, June 8, 2012

EURO2012 has started!

Finally the EURO 2012 tournament has begun! The first game was Poland - Greece which was played in the polish capital Warsaw. In the first half it looked like it was going to be a piece of cake for Poland. They had many good chances and finally scored in the 17th minute, and on top of that, a greek defender got his second yellow card and was sent off in the 44th minute. it looked very good for Poland. It all changed in the second half though, Greece scored and the goalkeeper of Poland was sent off. 1-1 was a good result for both teams after a game like that.

The second game of the day and tournament was Russia - Czech republic, I didn't watch the whole game but when I did it looked really easy
for Russia. The scoreline suggests the same. Russia won with comfortably 4-1.

Are you following the tournament? Which teams do you like? And which team do you think will win?

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