Sunday, January 13, 2013

La Liga: Unusual situation

The spanish football league is usually described as a league featuring two teams who fight for the two top spots, and the rest of the league's teams are below those two. The two teams are the giants FC Barcelona and Real Madrid CF. This is without a doubt how the league table looks like at most of season ends. 

However, this season it might be different. Real Madrid is currently number 3 at the league table. With half of the seasons games played they have 18 points up to the leaders Barcelona, 7 points up to the runner ups Atletico Madrid and are just 3 points ahead of Real Betis. Third place in the league means you get the last spot for Champions League. Fourth on the other hand means you still have a chance to play it but you have to qualify. 

So this season one of the best teams might have to fight for a spot to qualify for Champions League! 

There's still the other half of the season left though. So this situation might change. We will see at the end of the season. Perhaps we have some exciting transfer news soon too?

Current rumours: 

  • Atletico Madrids striker Falcao to Real Madrid or PSG?
  • José Mourinho away from Real Madrid?
  • Cristiano Ronaldo to PSG or Manchester United?
  • David Villa to Premier League?
I don't see any of these transfers happening during the winter window. They are likely during the summer though. 

We will see.

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