Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Upcoming changes to blog

Originally when I started this blog I was going to write fictional stories about a character I later decided was called James. I made up some stories and lost interest in that kind of writing.

However, it changed my thinking. I realized that if someone who's in a wheelchair due to an accident can recover. Then why wouldn't someone with a bad life be able to turn it into a good life?

I thought about it and tried looking it up. I found out that many successful people started with a poor background. But with constant hard work they managed to turn their lives around and their life quality skyrocketed.

This is what the blog will be about from now on. If you've read earlier entries from January you'll notice that I've already written some entries about this. But from now on it will only be about this.

I have changed the name of the blog from "the life of an handicap" to "quality life project". This is a project and you are more than welcome to follow my journey!

Changes coming up in the future:
  • New theme/layout on the blog
  • More active on social medias such as Twitter and Facebook
  • A better domain
  • Exciting content

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