Sunday, January 13, 2013

Still waiting for a promotion?

Are you wondering when your boss will ask you to meet him at your office to tell you that you've been working hard and have deserved to move up a level?

Chances are you will be waiting very long for that to happen. So why not prepare some questions and set up a meeting with your boss and find out what is required to get promoted?

This varies depending on what kind of business you're in. Skills that people have are obtained through hard practice, you can obtain these skills too. You will have to work hard, but if you want to you can.

Ask your boss if you can have a meeting about your career. Prepare a paper with some questions you want to ask. Brainstorm and write down anything you want to know.

Some tips are:

  • What are the primary result areas that your boss looks at?
    This depends on what you're on the payroll to do. What does your boss expect from you? What results do you think your boss wants to see from you in order to say that you're doing good?
    If you're a secretary this might be how many meetings you set up, how many calls you forward to the right person etc etc.
    Think about this and write down what comes up, then discuss this with your boss.
  • What experience is needed? 
  • If I don't have the required experience. Can education make up for the lack of it?
  • Is there a need for someone at the level you're aiming for? Recruiting from inside the own organisation is often preferred over external recruiting. 

If you don't know your boss enough to talk to him like this. Then talk to your superior. Ask them what they think about this, should you ask them these questions. Or should you take it higher to your boss?

Consider this:

  • Am I working hard enough to have the role my superiors have?
  • Will I be able to handle the increased responsibility?
  • Is this the career path I want to take?
  • Can I talk to my boss about these things? Who should I talk to? Perhaps you should talk to your life partner or a trusted friend before you talk to someone at work.

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